We're The Ones

Some things in life are naturally sacred. And when I saw an elephant in its natural habitat for the first time, the sacred became spiritual.

Several years ago I spent about a month in East Africa with my mother. It was something we talked and dreamt about in the same way you wish you could pluck a star out of the night sky. Then one Christmas, I bought the tickets and a few months later we were floating over the Maasai Mara in a hot air balloon. It was all magical.

Upon our arrival in the bush, we came upon our first wildlife sighting - a mother elephant and her baby. You never forget a moment like that. It's a connection that will be with me always. It was immense, powerful and emotional. Everything about Africa felt immense - and magnificent. Nothing disappoints. 

As I plan to return with my own daughter, I feel an immeasurable calling to remain connected to Africa's people, its land and its wildlife. While I was there I was professionally and personally transitioning to a new entrepreneurial mindset. I made a goal to build a successful business that would provide me the opportunity to protect and sustain the abundant gifts granted to us by our planet. 

So, we're the ones. We're the ones that will ensure this important work continues. I hope you'll join us in honoring this mission by investing in a Relica piece you love and we will contribute 10% of Relica's profits to the African Wildlife Foundation's (AWF) various projects across the continent. You'll be reminded of the difference you made each time you wear it!

We have also designed some pieces in tribute to AWF's work and the majestic wildlife they protect - 50% of the profits from these two pieces will go to supporting AWF's work. Check out our Tiny Tusk Necklace and our Tiny Tusk EarringsThese delicate pieces are hand carved and cast and designed with love in the USA.

African Wildlife Foundation

Feel good about doing good for the good of others!