Conformity is not your thing. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan either. That’s why I’m drawn to art and making things; I can live in authenticity while expressing myself creatively and connecting with others that do as well. When I set out on my new path to creativity, I was compelled by one over-riding feeling, a longing, really.

The word that comes to mind is freedom.

  • Freedom to create
  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom to be my essential self, to live in authenticity
  • Freedom to work how, where and when I want
  • Freedom to give back
  • Freedom to build my life as I choose

That IS freedom, my friend.

The concept of freedom sparked an emotional resolve in me I couldn’t ignore. After dedicating 20 years to the non-profit world, I was ready for a change.  My work had meaning, and I enjoyed working along-side people with shared values, so remaining engaged with philanthropy was important.  But there was one prevailing desire that always stayed with me; I wanted to be on the other side of the giving relationship, to have the resources to make an impact for greater good.

As my business and jewelry line evolves, so does the principle of freedom. I am fortunate to design for clients that inspire me with their authenticity and self-expression. Their spirit of curiosity is evidenced by well-lived lives rooted in adventure and purpose, and an unforced style that is confident and refreshing. They see the beauty in imperfection and value the luxury of simplicity.

This valuable relationship with my clients is greater than the sum of its parts - it allows me to provide freedom to others: freedom from need, freedom from harm, and the freedom to thrive. To this end, I have the privilege to contribute 10% of Relica’s 2019 profits to the African Wildlife Foundation.

I chose them because they have the most comprehensive and strategic four-pronged approach to conservation that includes the human element, the wildlife, the land and policy change.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), promotes conservation in Africa through education, reforestation, sustainable farming, anti-poaching and sustainability efforts to help indigenous Africans build lives and communities that co-exist with wildlife and preserve habitat.

 Feeling good about doing good for the good of others!