The Gap

This meaningful little opus from profound story teller Ira Glass sits atop my desk in plain view—so that I never forget. Never forget everything worth having in life comes with a price. Never forget that if it is worth striving for, there will be sacrifice. Never forget that failure is the condiment that makes success so sweet. Never forget to that it is a process, a journey—and sometimes it IS the journey, not the destination. Never forget to look back at all that I have accomplished, not what lies ahead. Never forget the vision. Never forget that, as with life, work I love comes with work I don’t love. Never forget that success has only one requisite—to push through.

It has been several long years since I began exploring the idea of building a successful business that incorporated my creative skill. Today, that quest continues—I still need to get clear on what my final definition of success will be.  But I have arrived at a place where I feel things have aligned and become congruent with each other—vision, aesthetic, process, knowledge, skill. I feel pride about the results of my work, and the gratification that comes from creating something out of nothing. The importance accomplishment plays in one’s sense of self worth is perhaps what sticks with me the most—and it is what fuels perseverance.

Today, I am ready to fully reveal what it is I do and to send it out into the world confident that, to this point, I have done my best. I have given it my all. And how the world chooses to respond is not in my control. I hope you find Relica compelling, meaningful and that it somehow sparks something within you to pursue that “one thing” which you love and thirst for in your own life.



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