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The Soul Bowl

  What's in Your Soul Bowl? Not long ago we did a photo shoot for Relica with a professional photographer (thank you @GraceBeck!) who showed up with several unique and organic props to add interest to our jewelry shots. Grace brought this beautiful and enchanting little bowl full of what I would call tchotchkes. It immediately caught my eye because I have one just like it! I call it my "soul bowl." It's a sweet little handmade clay bowl I got in Peru that I use to collect tiny little objects of interest that hold meaning for me. My soul bowl holds many things, and they are all very special talismans from my life's journey. Maybe you have one yourself. It...

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INTRODUCING THE NECKMESS! You may have seen this aesthetic a lot lately, especially on social media. While people have layered jewelry for centuries, this look has come full circle in a burst of glory. What I love about this current look is that there are simply no rules, anything goes. Or at least that’s what your eyes may tell you. This necklace style of various chains, strands, pendants and charms piled on top of one another has artfully been named the “neckmess.’ It’s a way for each of us to take our heirloom pieces, chunky chains, mixed metals and stones and make the look interesting and entirely our own. This layered look tells a broader story about yourself, and your many...

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Look at THIS and Tell Me what You Feel.

HELEN MIRREN MADE ME DO IT. By Tania Carriere I too had the exact same reaction when I saw this photo of Helen Mirren. She is a Badass in all the best possible ways, but I'd never seen her this way before.  "It was a normal enough moment. I was sitting at a Starbucks, coffee in hand, putting off some work for a few indulgent minutes of Facebook. I was robotically scrolling, only partially engaged with the usual mix of animals, self-help quotes and messages from friends.   Photo credit Annie Liebovitz That’s when it happened to me. That’s when this photo happened to me. I froze, my scrolling index finger mid-air. I was riveted. I could not stop looking. I felt...

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We Are Being Called

As you may have noted, I have been at a loss for words these days - and my friends will happily tell you I tend to confuse my texts with Ted Talks! The confusion and fluidity of circumstances spark new scripts inside my head daily.  The devastation may be grave. Not only due to infection, but due to the measures put in place for prevention. Every hour I think of a business or person and wonder how they can possibly survive this? Times like these provide clarity about what really matters. We must mitigate in every way possible, knowing there is little we can control right now. But we can control how we reach out to help. The link below is rich with...

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The Gap

Five years later and it all still applies. Volume of work is an understatement, but still pushing through!

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