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Contrast & Capture

I couldn’t take my eyes off these gems. Honestly, where had they been all my life? There was so much to these Australian dendritic opals: they’re visually tactile with lovely neutral tones and tiny little wintery scenes. Their organic beauty immediately captured my interest at the Gem Show. Perhaps the most compelling element of the opals is the contrast: the contrast of translucent and opaque, black and white, and fine detail against stark white background. They seem to say, “Hey, look at me! I’m interesting, complex and I’m beautiful!” As you may have guessed, I am a huge fan of contrast in all things: people, flavors, flowers, colors, nature, photography, textures. Contrast makes things interesting.. It is the thing that...

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Authenticity with heART

They're here - the new prototypes have arrived!   I’m often asked why I have made the decision to change directions with my business, and the most truthful answer is authenticity. When I first began designing jewelry, I made the jewelry that was in my heart. It was full of inspiration and creative influences I experienced in my life. As interest and business grew, it was clear that I was going to have to make some compromises in my artistry and aesthetic to accommodate my wholesale business model. This was a pivotal point in the evolution of my business, because this is when joy (and artistic freedom) walked out the door. I let it happen believing that the income from...

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Didn't Stick the Landing ... This Time

                                 “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” Brene Brown, quoted from the podcast Magic Lessons, Season 1, Episode 12 Brene Brown happened to utter this line within the first few minutes of the podcast and I was hooked. I was equally stunned and captivated by the rest of the conversation between Brown and the podcast host, Elizabeth Gilbert (the author of BIg Magic and Eat, Pray, Love). The overriding theme was that of vulnerability and courage and what really hit home was when Gilbert and Brown started talking about inspiration and failure. Both women have had their share of personal...

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A New Direction

Change excites me and has been a true constant in my life. When I began Relica, I was focused on making cultural relics the focal point of my designs—these were amulets, talismans and charms made by global artisans from around the world. I collected them as a child living overseas and continued gathering them while traveling as an adult. Bringing eclectic pieces with cultural meaning into people’s lives was new, interesting and unique at the time—and it allowed me to tell my story. But as my expectations of my artistry continue to evolve, so does my design aesthetic. I find myself wanting to create my own relics inspired by various creative influences in my life: Mother Nature, visual artists, objects...

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