The Soul Bowl


What's in Your Soul Bowl?

Not long ago we did a photo shoot for Relica with a professional photographer (thank you @GraceBeck!) who showed up with several unique and organic props to add interest to our jewelry shots. Grace brought this beautiful and enchanting little bowl full of what I would call tchotchkes.

It immediately caught my eye because I have one just like it! I call it my "soul bowl." It's a sweet little handmade clay bowl I got in Peru that I use to collect tiny little objects of interest that hold meaning for me. My soul bowl holds many things, and they are all very special talismans from my life's journey.

Maybe you have one yourself. It can simply be a place where you store meaningful things - talismans - that you like to see, and don't know where else to put. My soul bowl has just kind of evolved organically; I never put much thought or intention into it. It was a convenient place to put things I know I love and want to be reminded of.

Traditionally, a talisman has a job; it acts as an element to anchor energy in the physical world. The energy is called on for protection, abundance, wealth, health, or a wide variety of blessings to its owner. Perhaps you wear or carry one with you to spark your search for soulful tranquility.

Man has always found peace and solace in objects of significance. Ancient Egyptians used massive stone tablets as healing talismans while the Greeks and Romans used lead talismans to communicate with the spirit realm. By definition, a talisman is any item imbued with history, meaning and emotion, giving it a unique power to manifest specific intentions. In fact, having a talisman imbued with your intention is a creative and meaningful way to focus on what you value and want out of life’s journey.

Often, such objects are first cleansed and consecrated through a thoughtful ritual – whether they're gems, amulets, herbs, or written words – to become talismans. My ritual is placing them in a special bowl. But you can add them to a meditation shrine, cleanse them with a little burned Palo Santo or Elder wood (also known to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance clarity and concentration). Burning incense and offering a personal mantra or blessing that aligns with your values and goals is another idea. Some believe that to preserve their effectiveness and energy, you should consecrate your talismans regularly.

But the physical properties of the talisman are not as important as the intention of its owner. If you are grounded in your desires, your talisman will give you a focal point that you can concentrate on to manifest your intention and help you attract what you want in life.

After all, energy flows where attentions goes. 

Lisa's Soul Bowl: trade beads from Africa, my father's Phi Beta Kappa key, a four leaf clover from my grandmother, an ancient Chinese coin, shells from my favorite spots (I have shells everywhere), clay angel from Guatemala, robin's egg and a small journal from Mexico.

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