Art Can Carry Us in Hard Times

It’s hard for me to admit, but I am a news junkie, always have been. But within the current state of affairs, consuming the news takes on a whole new connotation, like being in the grip of high drama. There is so much devastation in the world – so much consternation and animus. I am overwhelmed by the scenes of destruction, loss and grief that flash across my screens every day. It imbues a sense of hopelessness.

When I see this kind of sad ruination I have to ask myself is what I do for a living is worthwhile. Is jewelry, and its expression as an art form, really making a contribution to the betterment of our planet, our humanity, the growing landfills?

I had this conversation with an artist friend and we explored our own understanding of what art brings to the world, and to us. I believe art allows us to feel gratitude about life that brings forth beauty, understanding and connection. Art is a powerful channel for self-expression, personal growth and relevance. When we connect with art, it provides a feeling of safety and refuge from the chaos around us. Art is meaningful.

If you’re a musician, a poet, a boat maker or a chef – I unequivocally believe your gifts contribute incredible value, context and meaning to the fabric of society and people’s personal lives. I am a jewelry designer. Jewelry is a beautiful thing, it's deeply personal and the meaning we attach to it delivers hope, joy and love. It is a talisman of who we are and what matters most.

It is important work.

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